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Shifts is designed for managers and workers in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing and other service industries where workers often don't have a desk or computer. With Shifts, managers can create and manage schedules; and employees can view shifts, swap shifts, update availability, and request time off all via their mobile phones.

I designed product features, components, and layouts

As a Product Designer on a team with PM, Engineering, and Research, I designed product features for several versions of Shifts. I owned the user story for how to schedule and assign activities (breaks, lunch, workstations) across all views and devices. I also developed components and layouts, and worked on multiple features, such as how to copy and paste, how to assign predefined shifts, and print to one page.

I unblocked organizations without adding complexity for other users

Managers want to save time scheduling, and workers want to view and swap shifts easily, but many orgs have existing processes, or want 3rd party integrations, so unblocking those managers was a priority. When adding features and updates I designed experiences to manage change. I worked directly with users along with PM and Research, and also referenced user feedback from UserVoice and HelpShift tickets.